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 3. Go to OBC gig September 10 at Old Ironsides, Sacramento, CA (with Seventy). MORE INFO.


Friends, family, suckers, lend me your ears. It's my sincere pleasure to hype to you the debut hard-copy recording release from the Opal Book Club. Recorded by the great Reto Peter at the Hangar in Sacramento CA, the Ice Storm Mockera has been called "an astounding piece of work" by no less than David "Number One Son" Immergluck of Strange Creek fame. Bonus track "Tony Alva" has been called the best way to spend two and a half minutes by no less than Chuck "Not Jerome" Prophet. You got to...like... buy it now! Available at Amazon.com, Amoeba Records (Nor Cal), and finer record stores distributed to by the likes of Forced Exposure everywhere. (If none of this works, then email me and I'll send you one. See, I only made it to communicate with you; if that means crawling across the desert like some fat Peter O'Toole and sticking it in your mailbox, I will do that.) 

What's up with the merch? The esteemed Dylan Williams designed us a real dope logo, so I thought I would try to sell you some stuff. Somebody buy something soon, please, then send me a JPEG with you wearing it, and I will post it to our Web site. (I realize that having your picture on the internet seems like an impossible dream, but I can make it happen for you.)

What's up with the gig? Yo, it's coming down solo-electric. Like a young Billy Bragg in dub, I will be rocking the Telecaster, the pedal board, and a 500-pound bag of indecipherable jokes and abstract anecdotes. Special guests *** and @#$%# will be working the merch-booth-- free autographs. Old Ironsides. Harley White's band, Seventy, is the headliner. See you there, Sacto; everybody else, hold tight.                                                                                            

And that's it. Thanks so much.

 You know what? Eff the OBC. We had our time. Now it's time to pass the torch to the younger generation. Click here to support the next generation.

Love to you all.

 So sincere,