Opal Book Club


Opal Book Club is a power-pop power-trio fronted by E. Blake Davis and features the stellar talents of Michael Urbano (Cracker, Smash Mouth) on the drums and Ben Decker (Dizzy Bam, Vicious Hippies) on bass and harmonies.

E. Blake is best known for his work in the super-eclectic early Ď90s cult band Papaís Culture Ė the group that launched a thousand careers. Jim Bogios (Sheryl Crow, Counting Crows), David Immergluck (John Hiatt, Counting Crows), Erinn Anova (Blackalicious), Vincent Segal (Bum Cello) and two Beastie Boys collaborators, Eric Bobo and Mixmaster Mike, to name a few, have all passed through the band. Subsequently, E. Blake has explored many avenues, experimenting with the darkly impressionistic trip-hop remix project Sunkist in the late Ď90s, and then in 2001 stripping away everything (including vocals - an odd move for a lead singer) with the minimal techno project Eblake.

But now itís 2004, and after experimenting with a career at Microsoft, he has returned to the San Francisco Bay Area and the rock sounds of his youth. Opal Book Club uses the 80/20 rule learned by E. Blake during his time in the corporate world. Says Davis, "Opal Book Club is basically 80% Who-type music and 20% Velvet Underground-type music. Itís very basic rock music with an adult point of view, lyrically. Our songs are about family, marriage, parenthood, materialism in the west but our music is about the ROCK!"


E. Blake Davis